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Editor’s Analysis of Key National Races and Texas U.S. House Representative Elections



by Tony Renteria


With the elections already taking place via vote by mail ballots being dispensed and many already returned, I have compiled a list of races and their predicted outcomes. The selections were not based on preferences, but on scenarios that could cause a race to lean one way or the other. A descriptor is attached to each to help sort out the candidates and what they stand for or why I believe they will win or lose. Don’t forget to vote. Voting is the most important right you have in protecting your freedoms. The wrong candidate can make your life miserable and the right candidate can improve your life just as easily. Look at the world and the chaos that has overtaken it. Our country needs to return to the rule of law and sound governance where elected representatives guarantee our God-given, Constitutional rights as citizens of the United States. Protect your rights, vote, and I encourage you to vote for candidates who will protect your freedoms and not conspire to remove them.


President and Vice-President of the United States

President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence: Former Vice-President Joe Biden has never accomplished much of anything in his almost 50 years in office. His gaffes are laughable to some, but as a whole are concerning to most Americans who believe that Biden is in the spectrum of either Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Either way, it is obvious that he cannot complete a coherent thought and without a teleprompter who be lost.

He is obviously being led by handlers who are strongly far-left leaning, which is the Socialist/Marxist arm of the party and also the party who is responsible for the governance in the states where riots and looting have become common-place occurrences and to date has cost damages in the billions if not trillions in damages. This is seen by many as being a Kamala Harris ticket which would be an economic and law and order disaster for the United States as many know Harris’ voting record is even more socialistic than even Bernie Sanders.

Both Biden and Harris have done more to harm the black community than any other politician in recent years, yet they are selling themselves as champions of the black community based only on Kamala’s skin tone and the misconception that Democrats are the party of minorities. In reality, as damaging as the Biden-Harris ticket has been to the black community, the Trump-Pence Administration has done more to help not only the black community, but every minority community than any Presidential administration in the history of our country.

Prior to the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, the Trump Administration had accomplished leading the country to the lowest unemployment numbers among blacks, Hispanics, and just about every other minority group, as well as women and to be honest, he brought prosperity to America as a whole. President Trump has been viciously attacked by both the media, who he rightly refers to as the “fake news media” and Congressional Democrats since he took office. He has unjustly faced impeachment at every opportunity and despite these efforts he has managed to become the most powerful leader in our world today, brokering peace, destroying our enemies, and brokering the best trade deals our country has ever seen. Most people in our country do not know this because the media refuses to report it in favor of producing false narratives in an attempt to disparage the President.

Whether people wish to believe this, and despite the media and Congressional Democrats wanting to be honest about it, even though they know better, Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus has been swift and aggressive. He was protecting our country without throwing Americans into a panic, in an attempt to prevent the hoarding that was prevalent in the early stages as seen with the milk, meat and hand sanitizer shortages. The Democrats need chaos to distract the American people from Trump-Pence accomplishments. President Trump and Vice President Pence have brought calm and reason in their leadership, at a time when Americans needed a calm head and a steady hand to show that we as a country would prevail.

The economy is rapidly recovering, and although Coronavirus cases are increasing in every state, deaths per occurrence are way down which means herd immunity is working. President Trump and his administration have teamed up with several major pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccination and by all accounts one could be available before the end of the year. While Biden was hiding in his basement, delicately being spoon-fed questions by a loving media who allows him to answer via teleprompter, Trump was guiding America through some of the most difficult terrain, battling vicious liberal reporters, liberal members of Congress and Democrat Mayors and Governors who are telling everyone who will listen that the violent riots, murders, arson and looting are simply peaceful protests.

There is really no comparison, even if Biden’s mental faculties were not in question, Trump is by far a superior candidate. There is not another person in this country, or world for that matter, who could have achieved what Trump has achieved for the United States, especially under the conditions he has had to work in. Trump has truly made America Great Again, and it is this editor’s opinion that majority of the citizens of this country are too smart to believe the lies of the left. Trump will succeed in winning another term and serve as our President again for four more years.

Arizona: Martha McSally (R) the incumbent whose campaign had been hobbled leading up to the riots seems to be gaining momentum based on her strong support of law enforcement. McSally will benefit from the recent surge in Americans sick of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA and wanting law and order. Recently, the Arizona Police Association gave a glowing endorsement of McSally over Mark Kelly (D) her opponent in the General Election in November. McSally, who served as a Colonel in the United States Airforce has a strong record in backing law enforcement, and that has not gone unnoticed. The liberal media seem to have this seat in going to the Democrats, but it is this editor’s opinion that the best person for this seat is the incumbent, McSally, and she is also going to win in November and retain her seat.

Colorado: Cory Gardner (R) is the incumbent in this race and this is also a must-have for both the Democrats and Republicans. Many Democrats believe they have this race won because the state has begun leaning heavily Democrat in recent years, which favors John Hickenlooper (D). The problem for the Democrats and Hickenlooper is that sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Gardner seems to be hanging onto a slight lead in his home state and with the debates between the candidates approaching beginning in mid-October. The debates should strongly favor Gardner. This race will be close, but it is this editor’s opinion that Gardner will retain his seat.

Minnesota: Jason Lewis (R) Tina Smith (D) is the incumbent Senator of a state that is in one heck of a mess because of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. They have seen their businesses burned to the ground and they have disbanded the police in Minneapolis. That’s right, disbanded! It certainly appears to the rest of the world that the government in Minnesota has completely lost their collective minds. It is this editor’s opinion that people in Minnesota realize this as well. Smith is clearly not a police friendly incumbent, but Lewis definitely is, and he is very vocal about this fact. This will be one of many races in Minnesota where Republicans will start unseating the liberal Democrats. Give the nod in this race to Lewis.

Georgia: David Perdue (R) I am including this race because again, the Democrats seem to think they own Georgia even though nothing but their goofy system of polling indicates this is going to happen.  Jon Ossoff (D) is a viable candidate and he has made a ton of headway in Georgia. His liberal agenda is the last thing Georgia wants or needs in a time of rebuilding the economy in the wake of the Chinese Coronavirus and BLM and Antifa rioting and looting and burning down of cities in our country. Perdue will know he was in a fight, but it appears he will remain as Senator through another election.

Iowa: Joni Ernst (R) the incumbent is known as a no-nonsense Senator. The former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Iowa National Guard has built a reputation in the Senate as being solid on National Security, and growing the economy. She has worked hard in Washington to support her state and her efforts will be rewarded. Theresa Greenfield (D) a farmer and a mother, is also a very capable opponent. She will make this race as difficult for Ernst as possible, but it will not be enough.

Maine: Sara Gideon (D), Susan Collins (R) is the incumbent and she currently sits as the senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. This being a very powerful committee position, one would think it was highly unlikely any voter worth their salt will want to surrender a member sitting on a committee of this magnitude to a freshman — even if a very popular Gideon. Collins has on many occasions proven herself to be a pain in the collective necks of every Republican in the House. Collins liberal views in regards to legislation and key decisions makes this a seat the Republicans won’t really count on regardless of who wins this election. Barring any last-minute blunders by Gideon, this seems to be a seat she will win in a somewhat comfortable margin. Regardless of what the pundits have to say about this race, Collins will probably lose her seat.


U.S. House Races in the State of Texas

The selections I have made here are not based on my preferences, but rather on my predictions for the outcomes of these races based on my 35 years of experience campaigning. I am personally involved in several of these campaigns and in several others the candidates are either friends or acquaintances whose campaigns I strongly support, however, on my analysis, I selected their opponents based on the information obtained and the voting base in their districts.

House District 1: Louis B. Gohmert, Jr. (R) Powerful presence for Texas. Gohmert is a very strong advocate for adherence to Constitutional Law, and unafraid to challenge liberals head on. A steadfast presence and undoubtedly a lock to hold this seat.

House District 2: Daniel Crenshaw (R) Has become one of the most popular House members among conservatives in a very long time. Crenshaw is a highly intelligent former Lieutenant Commander with Navy SEAL Team 3. His impact and public presence make him a favorite to Texans and well-known across the country. His pedigree and popularity make him a strong candidate for upward mobility in the future as perhaps a U.S. Senator or some other role in government. As if he didn’t have enough of a lead, his brilliant and well-constructed Ad, The Texas Avengers, has elevated him to legendary status among Texans. It certainly is the best political ad I have seen.

House District 3: Van Taylor (R) A seventh-generation Texan and war hero, Taylor has proven his allegiance to the state, to the country and as a patriot in upholding the Constitution and American values. Should be a shoo-in to win this race.

House District 4: Pat Fallon (R) this seat was selected by Republican Party county and precinct chairs to fill the General Election ballot vacated by John Ratcliffe. Fallon, who will be vacating his seat on the Texas State Senate (District 30) should win this seat easily in this heavily conservative district.

House District 5: Lance Gooden (R) After an effective Freshman campaign, Gooden will prove to be tough to beat. Gooden has been solid on Conservative issues, supported the President and is building confidence among House Republicans. Gooden should win this race by a double-digit margin.

House District 6: Ronald Wright (R) This is going to be a very tough race, the presence of a Libertarian candidate in this race only makes it a much tougher race to win. Stephen Daniel (D) is a formidable opponent and will keep this race closer than Wright wants. This editor’s prediction is that Wright wins, but he will know he was in a battle when it is all said and done.

House District 7: Wesley Hunt (R) vs. Incumbent Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (D) is one of the most interesting races in the Texas House. Hunt is a favorite among Republicans who believe strongly that he can win this seat, present company included. Hunt, a former U.S. Army Captain and graduate of West Point is a very dynamic presence and has the knowledge and charisma to sway voters in his favor and return this seat to the Republican Party. He recently teamed with Dan Crenshaw and other Texas Republican U.S. Congressional candidates in a highly publicized viral Ad that may be the best political Ad of the century, The Texas Avengers. This Ad will certainly do a lot to help his exposure. It is this editor’s opinion that Hunt will win this seat by a narrow margin.

House District 8: Kevin Brady (R) As the ranking member and former Chairman of the very powerful U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, Brady has proven himself to be more than capable of making an impact in D.C. politics. The general election is just a formality, Brady will win handily and continue to be a force for Texas in the Nation’s Capital.

House District 9: Al Green (D) I have never been a fan of the liberal leanings of Al Green, but considering the District being heavily liberal and green being well-liked and well-known by his constituency, this race is a lock for him.

House District 10: Michael McCaul (R) A member of the House since 2005, McCaul is a lock to win this seat in a landslide. He has served as Chairman of The House Committee on Homeland Security prior to this term when Republicans controlled the house and he currently is on that committee. He serves on the Committee of Foreign Affairs and is a well-respected counter-terrorism strategist. McCaul is very well respected among his peers and his constituency.

House District 11: Austin Pfluger (R) This race to fill the seat vacated by Mike Conway is important to the Republican Party who can ill afford to lose any more ground to the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Pfluger graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served almost two decades in the Air Force as a fighter pilot. His top priority is National Security and he aligns with President Trump on key issues. Pfluger, who is pro-life, should win his seat easily in this heavily-conservative district. His part in Texas Avenger Ad certainly boosts his chances.

House District 12: Kay Granger (R) Having assumed office in 1997, Granger is a mainstay in the U.S. House. She is considered somewhat of a centrist on most issues, but is very conservative fiscally. Her conservative opponents took major issue on her pro-abortion stance that she held for years until only recently when she reversed course and became an advocate for the pro-life movement. She signed an amicus brief requesting the Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision. and a respected among the voters in her district, this will be an easy win for her.

House District 13: Ronny L. Jackson (R) Jackson is a retired Rear Admiral in U.S. Navy. He served as White House physician in the George W. Bush administration and physician to the president for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Jackson’s résumé is incredibly impressive (See Politifix Q3 article titled: Ronny Jackson Parlays Political Strength for TX District 13) and his rolodex is equally very impressive. This race has been a no-brainer from the moment Jackson entered his name as a candidate in this race. His strongest challenges came from a very long list of viable candidates to fill the seat vacated by Mac Thornberry. Make no mistake, Jackson will win this vacated seat, and he will prove to be perhaps the most influential freshman Congressman in our lifetime. His decision to run for and subsequentially win this seat is a Godsend to Texas.

House District 14: Randy Weber (R) The thing most of us who pride ourselves in Texas is being outspoken about our conservative values and Weber does not disappoint in representing these qualities in Washington DC. Weber sits on the Border & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee where he serves as Vice-Chair, and he also serves on the Public Education Committee, and it appears after this election, he will continue to serve on these committees as he is not in much danger of losing his seat this election.

House District 15: Monica De La Cruz Hernandez (R) This district is historically Democrat and as far as representation is concerned, in any other year, I would give the nod to the Democrat, but with Hernandez in this race, it is very apparent that traditional voting patterns can be tossed out. This seat is winnable, but if only by Hernandez over the Incumbent Democrat Vicente Gonzalez. Hernandez is an astute businesswoman and strong fiscal conservative who also understands the needs of her constituency and will be strong enough as a representative for her District in Washington DC to justly represent those needs. Hernandez has effectively campaigned and her message has been well-received. A win here would be a major coup for the Republican Party, and it appears that Hernandez is capable of pulling the upset and providing it.

House District 16: Veronica Escobar (D) vs. Irene Armendariz-Jackson (R) I am calling this race a toss-up. I strongly endorse Armendariz-Jackson, but being a realist, I know this race is going to be a very formidable battle. The presence of Libertarian Ben Leder can prove to be the determining factor in this race in favor of the incumbent Escobar; but, never sell Armendariz-Jackson short – she is more than capable of unseating the incumbent regardless of the presence of the Libertarian or the traditional voting preference. This district is traditionally heavily Democrat-run however, Armendariz-Jackson has been very effective in her campaigning and if not for the limitations created by COVID-19 restrictions, I would have listed Armendariz-Jackson as the clear favorite to win. This race will be an uphill battle for the challenger, because Escobar has strong name ID and her ballot name identity is a clear obstacle for any candidate. It is my opinion that this race will be much tighter than anyone will expect and it is this editor’s hope that Armendariz-Jackson emerges victorious in this race. She would be a welcome addition as opposed to the very liberal-minded incumbent, Escobar.

House District 17: Pete Sessions (R) Winning this seat will not be a slam dunk by any means for Pete Sessions, but he certainly has the inside track. Sessions lost his District 32 House Seat to Colin Allred in the 2018 election in a race that was a surprising loss to many in politics. Sessions is making his comeback in District 17 and his opponent Rick Kennedy is worthy of delivering another defeat to Sessions if he lets his guard down at any time during this election. Sessions is more than capable of winning this race and if he campaigns well and stays on point, he should win by a comfortable yet small margin to the tune of about +/- 8 percentage points. This will be an interesting race to follow.

House District 18: Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Admitting that Jackson Lee will win this race made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. But for the fact that this district is incredibly left-leaning despite the fact that Jackson Lee has done nothing noteworthy enough to have earned the loyalty of the voters, I would say on every box that needs checking Champion is far and away the best candidate for the District. Champion is a quality individual who serves as the military liaison for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and is a licensed attorney who has literally served the community far better than selfish-minded Jackson Lee ever would. This District desperately needs Champion, but their voting history dictates they will choose to elect the grandstanding Jackson Lee, instead. She will promote herself and disappoint her District for another term, then rinse and repeat, unfortunately. It is this editor’s hope that the voters of this District open their eyes to the tremendous individual they are passing up and shock us all and elect him, or that Champion move from the District and run for Congress in a winnable conservative district. Champion would be an amazing addition to the U.S. House of Representatives.

District 19: Jodey Arrington (R) This is the Congressman that represents this editor’s district and I can proudly and confidently state that he has been better than we ever expected. There is no way whatsoever he loses this race. Arrington has shown to be a strong conservative across the board and his faith definitely guides his decisions. He sat on the Ways and Means Committee, and has also sat on Agriculture, Budget, and Veterans’ Affairs.  District 19 is a conservative stronghold and Arrington is solidly entrenched as this District’s Representative as long as he wants it. Arrington will win this in a landslide.

District 20: Mauro Garza (R) This is a name to remember. Garza is perhaps the only person in San Antonio or all of Bexar County who can unseat the controversial Joaquin Castro in a heavily Democrat area. Castro who is eloquent in his speech but obnoxious in his delivery is from a family who seems would be better served to run in San Francisco, California but found a niche in San Antonio and have been a stain in Texas politics since. Garza (featured in Politifix Q2 Article: David vs Goliath, Can Mauro Garza be the One to Take Down Castro?) is a dynamic personality who has the charisma and ability to win over every voter who personally meets him. The more he speaks, the more people are convinced he would represent them well. This would be the upset of the century, and this editor predicts it will happen.

District 21: Chip Roy (R) vs. Wendy Davis (D) I hate to admit it, but as a conservative, this race scares me. Roy, the incumbent is very popular among his conservatives in his District, but Davis an abortion-champion is well-liked among her liberal constituency and she is well-financed. This District is still a Democrat strong-hold which further adds to the scariness of this election. I am calling this a toss-up but I am going to be praying for Chip Roy to win this one. Roy has the ability to pull over some Democrats and Independent voters, so if he can effectively campaign, he can pull this out. Roy sat on the Veteran’s Affairs, Oversight and Government Reform, and Budget Committees. He has served our country well and it is very important that he win this race.

District 22: Troy Nehls (R) After having served Fort Bend County as Sheriff, Nehls has positioned himself as the clear favorite to win this seat vacated by Pete Olson (R). Democrat challenger Sri Preston Kulkarni (D) is a tough opponent and will pose a viable challenge to Nehls, but ultimately, this is Nehls race to lose and he doesn’t lose elections. Nehls will win this race by a comfortable margin and his political background and experience will serve him well in Washington DC.

District 23: Tony Gonzales (R) It seems like Retired Navy Master Chief, Tony Gonzales, can’t catch a break. Gonzales wins the Republican Party primary run-off election against a very worth adversary in Raul Reyes Jr. by what initially appeared to be only 7 votes out of 24,685 cast (45 after recount which was halted by Reyes Jr. before it’s completion) now he must face a very popular Democrat challenger in Gina Ortiz Jones. The seat vacated by Republican Will Hurd who was widely considered a moderate Republican by Texas standards seems to be up in the air. The thing is, that seems to be just how Gonzales likes it. He knows how to win the close battles. Gonzales who was endorsed by Hurd and President Trump is battle-tested and ready to take on any challenger, particularly Jones, who in this editor’s opinion, he will defeat by a very narrow margin this November. Gonzales has a very impressive background and his service to the community and our country is admirable. Gonzales participation in the Texas Avenger ad with Dan Crenshaw certainly boosts his chances.

District 24: Beth Van Duyne (R) This seat is to replace Kenny Merchant who announced his retirement in August 2019.  Van Duyne, the former mayor of Irving has several liberal hate groups who are fighting hard to keep her out of office, and for this reason alone, she has my support. Van Duyne, obtained the endorsement of President Trump early in the process and politically, she aligns with the people of her district. The Christian Pro-life Conservative candidate should have no problem disposing of her Democrat challenger and keep this seat red. She received a monumental boost when she was included as a Texas Avenger in the Dan Crenshaw ad.

District 25: Roger Williams (R) This will be a difficult race for the incumbent, Williams. He has held the seat since 2013. Williams is however, well-liked by his constituents and very respected by his peers. He took a little heat for accepting undisclosed Congressional taxpayer funded bailouts for his personal business, and being one of the wealthier members of Congress with a net worth north of $27 million, this was obviously frowned upon. Nonetheless, he should have little trouble holding his seat for another term.

District 26: Michael Burgess (R) In a heated political climate as we are seeing, it is nice to see a Conservative Incumbent such as Michael Burgess who should easily breeze through the November elections. A solid Trump supporter in a strong Republican stronghold district, Burgess should easily win his election and this fact frees up resources for other tighter races. Barring any shocking developments, Burgess will easily serve another term.

District 27: Michael Cloud (R) Cloud is a relative newcomer but has served his constituency well. He is a faith and family candidate and has been an ally for President Trump and an asset to the Republican Party. This being a very strong Republican stronghold, his actions have not gone unnoticed and therefore Cloud’s seat is secure this November. Expect another landslide victory.

District 28: Henry Cuellar (D) Let’s face it, if AOC and the radical left-wing Socialist lunatics could not unseat Cuellar in the primary, there is no way in this district that the Republican candidate will be able to, either. Make no mistake, Sandra Whitten (R) is a great candidate. Whitten checks off every category of a solid choice for Congress. The problem for Whitten is this is not a district willing to part with Cuellar, regardless of who is put in his path. Cuellar is one of the few candidates that has never left his true Democrat principals which are far from what most Democrats on any ballot can claim these days. Cuellar is pro-life and is known to vote his convictions on many other social issues. Although liberal by conservative standards, Cuellar is very conservative by liberal standards. This is a good candidate and he has served Texas and his constituency well. I would rather elect a Republican, but I won’t complain about this particular Democrat.

District 29: Sylvia Garcia (D) Garcia has been involved successfully in political campaigns since 1992. She is very liberal and a pain in the neck for Congressional Republicans. This would be monumental upset if Jaimy Annette Zoboulikos-Blanco could find a way to beat Garcia. The odds of this happening are slim to none, unfortunately, because this is a stronghold District for the Democrat Party. Blanco was impressive in the primary, and chances are, we have not seen the last of her in a congressional race. This however does not appear to be her year against this particular opponent. This would be a very tough race for any Conservative candidate, and reluctantly, I must admit that this is another seat the Democrats will keep this November.

District 30: Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) This is another race where the Republican challenger is a solid choice, but the District is heavily blue and the incumbent Democrat, in this case Johnson, is quite honestly, unbeatable. Tre Pennie (R) is a former Dallas Police Sergeant who has holds a PhD from Texas Tech University, and being a former Red Raider myself, I would love nothing more than to see this highly intelligent conservative patriot win this election. I do see Pennie performing very admirably in the election.  A good showing for Pennie can open a door to a future in politics. This is not a district that I believe can be flipped, and Johnson is a strong candidate in this District. Johnson will keep his seat this election.

District 31: John Carter (R) Another former Texas Tech Red Raider, Carter sits on the House Appropriations Committee and was formerly Chairman of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Appropriations during the 115th Congress. He has served 17 years in office and by all accounts, he will be serving another term. There has been a strong liberal surge into this District, but for this session at least, Carter seems to be on course to retain his seat.

District 32: Genevieve Collins (R) I may not agree with his politics, but the incumbent Colin Allred (D) is impressive. In 2018 he unseated a very formidable opponent in Pete Sessions who is running again in District 17 this election. Allred is a Baylor grad with a JD in Law from California Berkley and even had a stint as an undrafted free-agent with the Tennessee Titans in NFL. He is a community hero in his District and it will take a monumental effort for Genevieve Collins to beat him this November. Collins however is a Texas Avenger, the highly publicized, viral ad, which has helped to elevate the candidates to Rockstar status in Texas. This will prove to be the boost Collins needs. It is this editor’s opinion that she will win. Collins did an admirable job in her primary, even besting an incredibly impressive Republican Primary candidate, Floyd McLendon Jr., which was not an easy task. I think Collins will let Allred know he was in a dogfight, and she will pull an upset in a heavily Democrat district. Collins, an SMU graduate supports limited government, lower taxes and is strong on education. This is a race to watch, bring popcorn, it will be exciting and it will come down to the wire. This battle between the Titan and the Avenger will go to the Avenger.

District 33: Marc Veasey (D) Fabian Cordova Vasquez is a very formidable candidate and if this wasn’t such a strong liberal stronghold, I would say Vasquez could pull this off.  However, Democrats in this District outnumber Republican by a margin of about 5 to 1. This makes for a Mount Everest type mountain to climb and there is just no path I can see this term for Cordova to scale it. Veasey has held this seat for seven years and has pretty much just voted along Democrat Party lines. I don’t agree with his politics, but at this point in time, he is unbeatable in this District. Give Vasquez a few elections under his belt where he can familiarize himself with the community and he is dynamic enough to flip enough voters to make this race interesting, and even unseat Veasey. This may not be the year, though. I hope I am wrong.

District 34: Filemon Vela (D) This is another time I have to concede the Democrat has an unsurmountable advantage due to traditional voting patterns in the District. Vela is actually a very impressive individual, however, and similar to Cuellar, he is willing to vote his conscience over party lines if the two conflict with his personal values, and that I admire. Vela, therefore could pose a problem in a general election even if the voting odds weren’t already in his favor. His opponent, Rey Gonzalez, Jr. (R) is a strong candidate and impressive in his own right, he is another Baylor graduate and received an M.D. from Ross University School of Medicine and a J.D. from University of Dayton. His values and education make him a great candidate and win or lose, we will see him in the political arena, again.

District 35: Lloyd Doggett (D) The only way Doggett loses this race is through miraculous Divine intervention. Doggett has been in office for 25 years in a heavily liberal district that doesn’t look to change any time in the near future. In this the 116th Congress, Doggett serves on the House Ways & Means Committee. Doggett is also the co-founder and co-chair of the House Prescription Drug Taskforce. His opponent, Jenny Garcia Sharon is quite impressive. She is a proponent for the Constitution and a Pro-Life champion. This is someone who hopefully will stay the course, get ballot ID established and when Doggett is ready to retire, which may be soon, can take the reigns and upset the Democrat in their own backyard. Time will tell.

District 36: Brian Babin (R) A 5th year incumbent, Babin has served well enough to be unbeatable in his District. A Captain in the United States Air Force, Babin has an impressive resume which includes earning a D.D.S. in 1976 from University of Texas, Dental Branch and he has been practicing as a dentist since 1979. He currently serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee as well as the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. This seat is secure.


Spotlight on Four Winnable U.S. Congressional Races Outside of Texas


Florida’s 13th District: Anna Paulina Luna (R) For all practical purposes, this seat should be a lock for Democrats – but it isn’t This is no typical political year, and Anna Paulina Luna is not any typical opponent. She is the future of the Republican Party. Paulina Luna has a very strong national appeal and is easily one of the most influential Latina women in this country. She has personally confronted Kamala Harris in response to Harris’s failed policies and the harm they do to minorities and her involvement with Prager U and in the past with organizations such as Turning Point USA among others have given her a platform to echo the conservative values. Charlie Crist (D) is a former Governor of Florida and his name ID is off the charts in this District. Paulina Luna is in an uphill battle, and for most people an unwinnable battle – that’s right, she has Crist, just where she wants him. Paulina Luna is very dynamic in her ability and her personality, she wins people over from the moment she meets them, and she welcomes all challengers and she wins these challenges. Paulina Luna has the endorsement of Florida’s U.S. Rep. Matt Goetz and President Donald Trump, meanwhile Crist was seen taking a photo op with House Leader Nancy Pelosi. Crist was enjoying a comfortable lead in the polls and in the bank as he was shown to have opened with a 13-point lead in the polls and just over $3 million in his campaign coffers. Paulina Luna, who just completed a very tough primary, dusted herself off and immediately set her sights on Crist. Her confidence, personality, life-experiences, abilities, knowledge, patriotism and willingness to take on all challenges head on make her a very formidable presence in any circumstance and she certainly has the skillsets to be a strong presence in Congress. It is this editor’s opinion that Paulina Luna will pull off the upset and win this race by a small margin. She will be a dynamic force to be reckoned with when she does.

Maryland’s 7th District: Kim Klacik (R) has managed to make herself a household name with back-to-back viral videos and has also earned the enthusiastic backing of President Donald Trump. She is dynamic, highly-educated ad unafraid of any challenge as she showed when she flustered the hotheaded hosts of The View causing them to rudely talk over her and cut her off the program. She exploited the cowardice of the hosts in facing her. Klacik’s opponent is the incumbent U.S. Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D) who was tabbed to replace the then-deceased Elijah Cummings. There is no doubt that this district which features Baltimore needs a lot of work. Klacik, not only dares to dream, but she seems perfectly capable of accomplishing her goals, has boldly painted the current picture of Baltimore with her vision of what it could become. Klacik has also managed to wrest the candidate name ID from the incumbent and it is this editor’s opinion that she will also wrest his congressional seat, too. Klacik is dynamic, and teamed with the above-mentioned Paulina Luna will be a dynamic force in Congress to overwhelm the far-left leaning squad of AOC and her minions.

Nevada’s 3rd District: “Big” Dan Rodimer (R) This former wrestler is a small business owner and was labeled as “the Comeback Kid” after overcoming a deficit and winning the Republican Primary by a substantial 23 points. He is endorsed by the NRA, National Right to Life, Power to Parent and many other organizations including Public Safety Alliance of Nevada, which is the largest law enforcement Alliance in the state. Rodimer also earned the endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz, House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, and even Rick Harrison, of Pawn Stars. Rodimer is dynamic in his presence and unafraid of any challenges. As with potential congressional candidates such as Ronny Jackson of Texas and the aforementioned Paulina Luna and Klacik, Rodimer would make an immediate impact as a freshman. Rodimer was also named as a nationwide top tier “young gun” candidate by the National Republican Congressional Committee in one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country. Rodimer’s opponent this November is incumbent Congresswoman, Susie Lee (D) is a minion of Nancy Pelosi who has lived on the coattail of the House Speaker since her installment as House Rep. for District 3. This is a seat that can be flipped and it is this Editor’s opinion that Rodimer will do just that. He will make a terrific congressman.

Utah’s 4th District: Burgess Owens (R) He is a powerful spokesman for faith, a college and NFL football hero, a small business owner and a cancer survivor. Owens has lived a life of experiences many have never had, and his conservative values have never been compromised. He is exactly what our Congress needs. Faith and integrity guide his actions and for a state such as Utah, he is exactly the type of representative they are hoping for in Washington. He is an elder statesman and a regular contributor on Fox News. With Owens, name ID is a given and his commitment to making America a safer place is unquestioned. His detractors believe he is too attached to the group QAnon and shares in their “conspiracy theory” that many of the elite in our country are tied to a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling them, leading to a “day of reckoning” involving the mass arrest of journalists and politicians. QAnon’s theories may or may not be the case, but one thing is certain, the political world certainly has taken notice and enough of the voters believe enough that candidates such as Owens and others who seem to subscribe to these theories or others of similar nature are moving up in the polls. Owens is one of those and has seen a boost in his chances at the polls. Owens has the endorsement of President Trump and has renounced movements such as BLM and ANTIFA. He is outspoken in matters involving faith, family and the United States Constitution. It is this editor’s opinion that he will win this seat and he will do well in Washington.

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Lisa Michelle: Sexual Assault Survivor Turned Activist



PolitiFix - Lisa Michelle



The trauma of being sexually assaulted can leave someone feeling scared, ashamed, and plagued with recurring and upsetting memories that can often last a lifetime. It is unfortunate that sexual violence continues to be prevalent in this country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that nearly one in five women in the U.S. have been sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, often by someone they know and trust.

Sexual assault is a dehumanizing act of violence perpetrated by one human being on another. After such a traumatic experience, it takes survivors years to regain their sense of control, rebuild their self-worth, and learn to heal. Although most survivors choose to stay silent, there are a few who choose to take a public stand, share their story, and challenge others to rise above the pain.


Lisa Michelle’s Story

Lisa Michelle is the social media entrepreneur behind the beauty brand Lily & Co., which provides funding to safe houses globally through the sale of products handcrafted by sexual assault survivors. She is the founder and executive director of No Strings Attached Ministries, a nonprofit that exists to guide sexually exploited women and children into healing through intervention, prevention, and outreach. No Strings Attached Ministries also offers aftercare to women and children on a consistent basis. Lisa Michelle is also an ordained minister under the Patricia King Ministries and has dedicated her life to healing the sexually exploited, bringing awareness to sexual assault and abuse, and opposing human trafficking.

Lisa Michelle is a survivor of sexual abuse and exploitation. She was sexually abused by her biological father and trafficked by a well-respected businessman who ran a funeral home in the neighborhood where she grew up. As a survivor, she knows firsthand how overwhelming it is for most survivors of sexual abuse to ask for help. Lisa Michelle ministers to young women in the sex industry (mostly strip clubs in the San Antonio area) to remind them of their self-worth and potential in the hope that they will voluntarily leave the sex industry. She also works with various other nonprofits dedicated to rescuing women and children from human trafficking.

As an advocate, Lisa Michelle encourages those who have been victimized to speak their truth to end the false sense of shame that many carry with them. She has dedicated her life to sharing her own story in the hope that it will help other survivors rise above the abuse they have endured. To Lisa Michelle, staying silent only reinforces and elevates victimhood. Ministering to young women in the sex industry about their self-worth and partnering with other nonprofit organizations fighting to combat human trafficking has allowed her to redirect the rage she once felt toward her abusers.


Facing Her Abuser

Lisa Michelle recalls standing by the side of her father’s hospital bed and no longer feeling afraid and helpless in front of the man who had once tormented her. She now saw a powerless man who she felt was still worthy of God’s grace and salvation.

“I’m often asked how can I choose to forgive someone who hurt me so deeply? The answer is simple; forgiving my father that day as he laid in the hospital bed was the only way I could continue to truly move forward with my life,” Lisa Michelle stated.

Lisa Michelle shared with Politifix News that she has not only chosen to forgive her two abusers, but she has also allowed herself to not be consumed by hate.

“I was once focused solely on survival and self-preservation. Learning to forgive the men who hurt me freed me from the rage that was once consuming me,” stated Lisa Michelle.

Forgiveness in no shape or form justifies the wrongdoing one human being does to another, but it can clear someone’s outlook in life. Lisa Michelle is living proof of that. Her story is one of hope, undying faith, and the power of forgiveness and redemption. Whereas some choose to let their pain consume them, others choose to let their pain transform them into something greater.





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Heath Barnes: As a Gay Republican Man the LGBT Community No Longer Represents Me



PolitiFix - Heath Barnes



Many Gay Americans are faced with rejection, abuse, and are often times disowned by their family members when they choose to come out “of the closet,” so to speak. Often times due to their sexual preferences they will find themselves being excluded from social gatherings. In the political spectrum coming out as a gay Republican can be just as equally as frightening and lonesome.

Heath Barnes, a gay Trump supporter claims that coming out as a Republican man was more difficult for him than coming out as gay man. Barnes claims that coming out as a Gay Republican Trump supporter has subjected him to being ostracized by members from his own community.

In 2019, Miss Gay America, a national pageant for female impersonators, removed Barnes from their organization due to his political stance and his outspoken support for president Trump. Barnes was not an impersonator but he owned several pre-preliminaries where he sponsored contestants to compete in nationals. He won pre-preliminary of the year in 2019 largely due to his contributions to the organization throughout the period of 4 years. Four months later Barnes was asked to resigned due to his outspoken support for president Trump via social media.

Barnes political beliefs have made him a prime subject of personal attacks from the side he claims is supposed to be advocating for inclusiveness and equality; yet deliver the complete opposite.

“The champions of tolerance have now become the intolerant,” exclaimed Barnes.

On social media alone he has been subjected to repeated online lynching, from members within his own LGBT community.

“I have been told I should kill myself and to jump off a bridge. I’ve been told I should lay on a train track and wait until I’m taken out by the train. The daily messages I receive from members of my own community are sickening,” exclaimed Barnes.

Barnes blames the mainstream news media for the hate filled rhetoric he’s been subjected to.

“The mainstream news media has deliberately provided misinformation about president Trump and has depicted him as someone that hates homosexuals. This isn’t true at all. What you’ll never hear from the mainstream news media is that he’s the first president to enter the White House already supporting gay marriage unlike Joe Biden and Barrack Obama who campaigned against it,” stated Barnes.

Barnes goes on to mention how President Trump is the most inclusive president that the Republican Party has ever had.  Earlier this year President Trump named Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, acting director of national intelligence which Barnes states, this should not have only been a historical moment for the LGBT community but it should’ve been celebrated. As of June of this year Grenell has resigned. Barnes also goes on to mention how President Trump is the first Republican to start an LGBT Coalition-and yet is still dumbfounded on how he can be considered “homophobic.”

“The left hates president Trump because he is giving the power back to the people. The problem with the left is that they will force you to believe (with the help of liberal media bias) that you are no more than your sexuality, your gender, your race, etc. They want you to live in a constant state of fear that someone is constantly coming for your rights. Especially if you’re within a minority group. That’s part of the Democrat propaganda:  Republicans are going to take away your rights and we’re the ones trying to protect you from them,” stated Barnes.

Barnes hopes that by sharing his story it will inspire others in the gay community to be more outspoken about their support for president Trump.




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Anna Paulina Luna: Discipline, Duty, and a Commitment to Country Before Politics



PolitiFix - Anna Paulina



Anna Paulina Luna, a conservative political activist and Air Force veteran, is running for US Congress in 2020 for Florida’s 13th Congressional district against incumbent Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist, whose current term ends on January 3, 2021. Luna is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020. She advanced from the Republican primary on August 18, 2020.

Raised by a single mother of three in the low-income neighborhoods of Southern California, Luna grew up in a life of poverty as the daughter of an absentee father who struggled with drug addiction. The challenges Luna faced during her childhood did not stop her from wanting to aim high, fight, and win. At just nineteen years of age, she made the bold decision to enlist in the United States Air Force. Serving in the military helped Luna develop strength and courage. It also provided the structure she lacked in her early family life, and it enabled her to earn a steady income to support her family financially and to seek professional help for her father. Luna has spoken of the humility she gained while in the Air Force from working closely with people from all walks of life toward a common goal. She thanks her military experience for her success in life today.

Additionally, Luna was able to attend college through her military service and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of West Florida. She had always dreamed about becoming a doctor so she could help support her family and accomplish her ultimate goal of opening a clinic for low-income patients. When she was accepted into medical school, a doctor and mentor told Luna she could help more people in politics than as a doctor because she would have a bigger impact on people’s health care through legislation. As a result, Luna turned down the opportunity to attend medical school because she feared the direction the country was headed. She decided at that moment to put aside ten years of effort in becoming a doctor to instead serve her country by entering the ring in what could be the fight of her life—defeating an incumbent, entrenched democrat in the world of politics.

Sought out by PragerU and Turning Point USA, Anna Paulina Luna is a fast learner who has soaked in facts, statistics, and policies while quickly developing public speaking skills and amassing a large number of contacts, supporters, and channels to create her path to Washington.


If elected, Luna will do the following:

  • Solidify and expand conservative outreach to Hispanics and or/Latinos nationally
  • Advocate for the national reciprocity of concealed carry gun permits
  • Bring back school choice and return control of education to the states
  • Advocate for completing the border wall and securing America’s border


Luna’s commitment to her country is represented by the oath she took to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. She believes there is no greater honor than to serve your country- in fact, she shared with Politifix News that serving her country was an honor, not an obligation. She further stated that by serving her country, she was also serving humanity as a whole.

Luna is concerned that our country’s freedoms are slowly being dismantled by left-wing politicians who wish to strip Americans of their individual freedoms in their ultimate quest for greater power and control. She believes that government should be limited—not expanded. To Luna, limiting the power of government prevents excessive control over people’s freedoms, actions, and lives.

In Luna’s own words, “Our constitutional rights as Americans aren’t secure if they are continuously being violated by politicians who only wish to extend their political power over Americans’ individual freedoms.”

Luna sees herself as a non-politician—one not controlled by special interests but who cherishes the opportunity to serve her district as well as her country once more. She’s ready to fight for our “God-given rights,” as she boldly expressed. Overcoming significant obstacles during her early years made her want to keep fighting, not just for herself but also for others.

Luna is a fighter. She’s focused, committed, and resilient. She will not give up and will always fight for what is right.


For more information on Anna Paulina Luna and to support her run for Congress, please visit her official webpage.


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