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Adam Salyer – Texas House of Representatives District 118



PolitiFix - Adam Salyer - Texas House of Representatives District 118



Adam Salyer, a 14-year army veteran and conservative Republican is running for election to the Texas House of Representatives to represent District 118. The seat is currently held by a Democrat, Leo Pacheco, who is in his first term of office.

Salyer spoke to Politifix on how the district currently lacks leadership and has been overlooked by Texans and legislators. “The only way to progress is to elect strong representatives to accomplish what is needed to help the district thrive,” said Salyer. “Ensuring more jobs, economic growth, focusing on education, small business growth and public safety in our own backyards.” … these are just some of the priorities that Salyer promises to focus on if elected.

Salyer further stated that small business owners, who are struggling to pay their own bills, do not need the government mandating how they should run their businesses. He stressed the importance of supporting locally owned businesses and emphasized how important they are to the economic and social structure of our society. These businesses provide jobs and foster local economies by keeping money within the community.
The American Basketball Association (ABA) has appointed three team owners to help coordinate the ABA Mexico program and relationship, including Adam Salyer, owner of the Universal City Seraphim.

A professional basketball team is a business. An owner must understand staffing, management, financial planning, marketing, expenses, and taxes. Being chosen to lead a delegation to create partnerships with Mexican basketball teams indicates that the league recognizes Salyer’s skills and abilities. He plans to use those same skills to benefit local businesses, revise city ordinances in their favor, discover untapped opportunities, and assist businesses in creating more jobs to use those same skills to go directly to the local businesses in his district, review city ordinances, learn what opportunities exist, form committees, and assist businesses in creating more jobs for the district. As a conservative Salyer does not want to “throw money out” but instead insists on making sure that the business plans and partnerships formed will actually achieve the desired result, not just provide another program.

Teachers today suffer through challenging work conditions that make the teaching profession unbearable for even the best educators. Current educators today find it difficult to want to continue working in education. Salyer wants to be able to retain the best teachers in the public schools of his district, recruit others, and reverse the current trend of losing the best and brightest educators, who leave the school system for higher-paying work. Salyer, who is a self-proclaimed, devout, and unashamed Christian, also believes that God needs to be put back in school. He understands and appreciates that individuals of all faiths should be able to exercise and pursue their faith as they wish, but is convinced that faith needs to be an option for those who believe.

The Veterans Administration (VA) has been plagued with problems for years. More veterans are needed in office to address these problems and make much-needed changes. More veterans in Congress means better representation for all of our veterans. Salyer wants to extend current veteran health-care benefits to include the use of medical facilities outside the VA so that veterans can be treated at a number of different, private medical facilities paid for by the VA. He also would entertain having private-pay individuals seek treatment at VA hospitals when it is more convenient for them. Because of his 14 years in the Army and National Guard serving as a mechanic, Salyer understands how to fix things. He has endured 17 surgeries, going from being confined to a wheelchair to walking independently. He understands the importance of health care and is determined to take care of today’s veterans.

Salyer also stated the importance of voting and discussed how voting can make each voice heard on the issues that concern them the most. When Salyer ran for City Council, he won by just two votes. That literally means that if he and his wife had been too busy to vote, he could have lost the election in a runoff. It would have been his own vote that cost him the election!

Salyer is a supporter of President Trump and believes that the President has not had the backing he deserves and needs. He supports strong border security and the completion of the border wall. He wants and welcomes legal immigrants and appreciates their value but says that the number of illegal aliens coming into this country is a problem that needs to be further addressed. Salyer stated that the security of our nation should not be a Democrat or Republican issue but an American issue that both sides need to resolve together.

There is no commitment higher than that shown by those who selflessly volunteer to serve their country. Salyer wants to deliver the same amount of passion and dedication to his district that he did for his country when he first served in the military. Salyer also intends to bring much-needed discipline and a consideration of duty to the district, traits that representatives for District 118 currently do not possess.

For more information on Adam Salyer and to support his campaign, please visit

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PolitiFix - Senator Mike Lee

By Antonio Renteria

Senator Mike Lee has introduced S.B. 386 (House version is H.R.1044), the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, to address what is known as the “Green Card Backlog.” The federal government only issues 140,000 employment-based green cards annually. The waitlist is long for approved petitioners. To date, over one million petitioners are on the waitlist with approved applications. This “green card backlog” is expected to reach 2.4 million by 2030.

To make matters worse, statutory per-country caps (currently set at 7 percent), limit the total number of green cards issued to petitioners from any one country. Indians have the largest backlog with 780,579 petitions, making up 75 percent of the total. It is estimated that someone from India entering the backlog today would have to wait for 195 years to get an EB-3 green card.

Senator Lee’s bill is an attempt to fix the backlog by raising the per-country cap for Indians from 7 percent to 15 percent. Sen. Dick Durbin has co-sponsored this bill and agreed to an amendment with Sen. Lee on additional measures. The Lee-Durbin agreement would:

  1. Allow immigrants to “early file” for green cards to prevent children of immigrants from “aging out” of green card eligibility so they will not face deportation while they are waiting for a green card.
  2. Create a green card set aside for immigrant workers who are unable to “early file” because they are stuck in the backlog overseas.
  3. Prohibit a company from hiring additional H-1B workers if the company’s workforce is more than 50 employees and more than 50 per cent temporary workers.

Although the Lee-Durbin agreement has support from tech companies and the Government of India, it has drawn criticism for prioritizing one country’s immigrants over others. We at Poder Latino agree with this assessment. Just because one group of immigrants has filed in larger numbers to immigrate to the United States, does not mean they should be given a superior status to those citizens from other countries who will then have a lessor number of immigrants because of the favor shown to India. This process makes it more difficult for those individuals to be afforded immigrant status to our country. We realize this is a popular stance now that the Democrats have a Vice-Presidential Candidate of Indian decent, but that does give this stance any more credibility.

“I don’t see how favoring one country at that level of immigration acceptance over everyone else contributes to a fair immigration policy,” said Rachel Lopez, Co-Founder of Poder Latino. “There are too many people in other countries who have waited just as long as the people from several different countries, all with skill-sets in their fields which are equally as impressive as those from Indian decent. The proposal is completely whereas it not only puts Indians at a tremendous advantage, it also lessens the opportunity for people from other countries to immigrate to the United States.”

Kudos to Senator Rick Scott who offered an amendment that would include priority for green card applicants from Spanish-speaking countries, as well as those who speak, Portuguese, Haitian, Creole, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Hokkien, or Hakka, in order to give equal consideration to applicants from other countries.  This is the solution that makes the most sense, and as an organization that supports equality among all races, we strongly support Senator Scott’s amendment and commend him for standing firm in the face of a firestorm primarily from the liberal media and Democrats in Congress. Well done, Senator Scott.




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EDITORIAL: The Summer of “Love,” Looting and Murder



PolitiFix - EDITORIAL: The Summer of “Love,” Looting and Murder

By Antonio “Tony” Renteria


The Summer of “Love” and Murder

Can somebody please tell Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin to put down the crack pipe? After Durkan, who wrestled the title of worst Mayor in America from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (not an easy feat), allowed a mob of rioters to take over six city blocks in Seattle, she defended her actions by calling the takeover the “Summer of Love.” Yeah, that happened.  A casualty of this takeover was the police were forced to abandon their Precinct headquarters. Both Mayor Durkin and Washington Governor, Jay Robert Inslee, both Democrats, refused President Trump’s offer to send in the National Guard and retake the six-block area. Mayor Durkin quipped that she was in no hurry to wrest control back from the mob and said it would be the “Sumer of Love.” The mob first renamed the area they now controlled as “CHAZ” then changed it to “CHOP.” On Juneteenth of all days, a tragedy occurred. Why is this significant?

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.  It was on June 19, 1865, that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the slaves were free. How did the people in the now police-free zone of CHOP celebrate? By committing heinous crimes. A 19-year-old black man was killed, and another black man was critically wounded in a shooting incident on a Saturday evening. The following day another person was wounded as a result of gunfire within the CHOP area. Seattle police said officers who responded to the former incident faced a “violent crowd” that denied them safe access to the crime scene to investigate the crime, or to remove the victims. These actions almost guarantee that the perpetrators of the murder and aggravated assaults will go unpunished.


Ignore the Democrats – America Needs to Reform not Defund the Police

“Defund the police?” Really! This isn’t about making black communities safer! There needs to be mutual respect and trust between the black community and the police. President Donald Trump put measures in place to do just that. This will take time, and patience and diligence from the police and the black community. Everyone agrees, reform must take place soon. The idea of defunding the police is pandering at its most ridiculous level by liberals to appease the BLM Movement. Liberals need black votes, and BLM is their answer. The fact defunding police is gaining traction among Congressional Democrats and the fake news media tells you exactly how absurd they have become. Defund the police? Weaken their presence in the neighborhoods that need a police presence the most? How does this solve anything? A “community version” of police that is going to be in place in Minneapolis will lead to a lot of untrained individuals who will be patrolling the streets. This will lead to three things almost immediately: extortion, more crime, and death.  Everyone agrees what happened to George Floyd was a horrific crime and the officers involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To suggest the way to make any community safer is to weaken or eliminate police altogether is sheer lunacy. The Democrats in Congress are not the answer. The Democrats are led by the Wacky Pack (Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Jerry Nadler) who will grandstand and wear stupid garb pandering to the Black Community. The Wacky Pack will rant and rave about change. They will author ridiculous “legislation” they know will not pass then they will blame President Trump and the Congressional Republicans when it doesn’t. They even named their “reform legislation” after George Floyd, except they all got his name wrong. The Wacky Pack is goofy, just goofy, and Nancy Pelosi may be the goofiest politician in America. How anybody can look at Nancy Pelosi and listen to her talk and take her serious is beyond me. She blatantly flaunts her hypocrisy and does not lose an ounce of sleep thinking about the damage she is doing to the country. Pelosi’s lack of support for law enforcement is a major part of the problem.


Black Lives do Matter – Stop Destroying Your Community

I advocate for law enforcement because a very large majority of them are good people who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. To vilify those tasked to protect and serve us is completely unfair and despicable. Yes, positive changes must occur. Actions must be taken to eliminate the small yet corrupt and racist faction of police who give everyone in law enforcement a bad name. Police unions are a big part of the problem as they shield police from actions that come against them. This would be a good place to start with reforms. We cannot punish all the police officers who put their lives in harm’s way daily to protect our communities because of the bad officers.  Bad officers of the law need to be identified, fired, and criminally charged and prosecuted.  The sad thing is, most of the race-baiting and burning, looting, and destruction of BLACK-OWNED businesses and violence against black police and innocent people are occurring in predominantly low-income black neighborhoods. The mobs who are doing a majority of destruction are led by ANTIFA and other liberal white agitators. The interesting thing is, not only are these liberal hate groups not black, but they are intentionally targeting businesses in black communities and hence, when they leave, their own neighborhoods are not affected. So these liberal white agitators and Democrat politicians and the liberal media all go home to their nice comfortable gated and privately guarded communities and unaffected neighborhoods while innocent black families are left to scramble for a restaurant, grocery or clothing store, pharmacy, or protection from police who no longer even have a precinct in their communities. Who’s lives matter now? Certainly not the black lives who have to suffer through the carnage left behind.

If your assertion is that Black Lives Matter, then make all black lives matter. BLM should oppose abortion, because abortion is aimed at wiping out your legacy, your future and it is the needless barbaric slaughter of millions of innocent black babies in the womb each year. These babies are dying without a peep of protest.

If Black Lives Matter, then protect your neighborhoods and your businesses and the innocent black women and children who live there. Do not allow people OF ANY COLOR to destroy businesses, steal, or assault people of color. Do not allow rioters to exploit your protests and cause harm to people in your neighborhood. The people you live amongst of different races and nationalities are there to support you and your families and benefit businesses and/or have businesses that are vital to the black communities. Protect these communities and push back on those who seek to destroy or cause damage to anyone or anything located there. If Black Lives Matter, demand that the violence stops altogether and help to heal the country, because as it stands right now, the toughest obstacles to be overcome will be in the black communities, and the impact of defunding the police will be felt harshly in the black communities. Black communities have historically had issues with bad policing and that definitely needs to change, but the answer is in police reform, not defunding. Minneapolis is about to learn a hard lesson because of their actions to eliminate the police. This is not a victory for the black population. This is a major setback for the black community. None of you may believe this, and I blame the liberal media, but BLM is attacking the very President who has done more for the black community than any other President in our lifetime. He understands that the black communities need a strong reformed police presence, and he wants black families to be kept safe from crime.

If Black Lives Matter, then why are you allowing anybody to attack black police officers or any police officer who is tasked with protecting your neighborhoods who are not directly involved in the attacks on black people. Do you realize that many of the innocent black families who live in these neighborhoods depend on the police for protection? Let’s begin with the destruction that is being caused now. How much more would have been destroyed if not for the presence of law enforcement. There is obviously a major disconnect between some of the bad element in law enforcement and these communities, but removing all law enforcement is never the answer, in fact it is absurd to even think it much less work towards accomplishing it. As of now, the greatest strength the black population has is their ability to effectuate change because of the outpouring of support for their cause due to the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a very bad man with a badge, and as blacks, you are allowing the rioters and agitators to destroy it for you.





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President Trump Policies Empowering Hispanic Americans to Achieve the American Dream



PolitiFix - President Trump Policies Empowering Hispanic Americans to Achieve the American Dream

by Antonio Renteria


“Hispanic Americans are not only living the American Dream, but their incredible efforts are unlocking the American Dream for citizens all across our land.”

President Donald J. Trump


The American Dream

What is the “American Dream” and how do we achieve it? This concept has a different definition depending on who you ask and what their dream is. One thing is certain, however, there is no other place on earth where dreams can be achieved as easily as in The United States of America.

There have been cultural struggles and depending on the political climate and governance of a particular state or city, there are other obstacles that create even more dissonance than what most people can overcome. The one certainty that has been evident based on the economic growth pre-Covid-19 and the rate of recovery and sustainment during the Wuhan virus outbreak, and that is the Trump economy is unwaveringly successful for all races, cultures and classes of people. President Donald J. Trump has managed to overcome every liberal-created, fake news media-enhanced, propaganda driven attack that has been shoveled his way.

“We’re proud to have created an organization over the past 10 years that literally went from 0 to over 500,000 small-business owners in this country. As you correctly identified pretty much from the first day of your presidency, small business is not only the backbone of our country, but the backbone of our communities,” said Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of Job Creators Network. “Just before COVID, they were really experiencing some of the best growth they had ever seen. Hispanics, in particular, were seeing some of the best growth. They had also seen, from a small business perspective, in general, with the highest — you know, some of the highest homeownership on record, as you know, lowest unemployment in history. It really had been an amazing run.”

In the face of all the distractions and attacks, President Trump has managed to produce the greatest economic successes in the history of our country. His latest achievement will greatly impact the Hispanic communities economically, educationally, and simultaneously strengthen the bond within their families.

I’m the son of two immigrants. My dad was a tailor. My mom was a housekeeper, said Ortiz. “So, to go from literally picking trash and cleaning toilets to sitting here, having this conversation with you (President Trump) — only in this country could this happen.”


Empowering Hispanic Americans

President Trump’s Executive Order establishes the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative and Interagency Working Group. The Initiative also establishes the President’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity. The President’s Executive Order will improve access to educational, training, and economic opportunities for Hispanic American students by promoting options to enhance school choice, personalized learning, family engagement, civics education, and pathways to in-demand jobs.

“The executive order I will sign in a few moments will expand our efforts across all the federal government to deliver educational and economic opportunity for Hispanic Americans,” said President Trump prior to signing the Order. “At the heart of our strategy to create a prosperous future for every Hispanic American, as well as all Americans, is a great family of education.  We are going to have a tremendous program, and we have.  And, you know, we’re a believer in choice.  Choice.  The other folks don’t believe in choice, and choice is a great civil rights issue and maybe the great one of our times.”

With this action, President Trump further demonstrates his support of school choice, apprenticeships, and work-based learning initiatives. President Trump also demonstrated his desire to support Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), as well as an investment in economically distressed communities and small and minority owned businesses.

“I’m going to fight to ensure that every Hispanic American parent has the freedom and the right to send your child to the public, private, charter, faith-based, magnet, home, or independent school of your choice,” said President Trump. “And school choice is an incredible issue in many ways.  It’s a political issue, I agree.  Most people agree with us.  The smart ones definitely agree with us.  But it’s also a moral issue, and it really is a fundamental issue of civil rights.  No American student should ever be trapped in a failing government school, which has happened so often for so many years.  It’s one of the problems you see when you see these cities going up in flame.”

PolitiFix - President Trump Policies Empowering Hispanic Americans to Achieve the American Dream


Uplifting Hispanic Workers and Families

Before the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Hispanic unemployment rate was at a record low of 3.9% under President Trump and his Administration. For 23 consecutive months Hispanic unemployment remained under 5%. The unemployment rate fell below 5% a total of 27 times during the President’s first term.  In 2018, the poverty rate for Hispanic Americans reached the lowest level on record.

Thanks to President Trump, almost 611,000 Hispanic Americans have escaped poverty since 2016. The median income for Hispanic households reached a historic high by surpassing $50,000 for the first time on record, thanks to the Trump Administration’s pro-growth policies. President Trump’s tax cuts are increasing the amount of money available to Hispanic American families and providing new resources for minority-owned businesses.

“You know, I could trace my family roots to this country decades before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, you know.” Said former New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John A. Sanchez who completed his term limit is 2019 who stated he was raised in poverty along with eight siblings in a single parent home.  “I was raised by this great woman who had the responsibility of raising eight kids by herself, no running water. But through hard work, staying in school, getting a good education, and taking advantage of the American Dream, I’m here, sitting across the table from the President of the United States. What an honor. That’s the American Dream.”

Sanchez continued, “I want to say, coming from New Mexico — now the third-largest energy-producing state in the country — some of the most richest producing oil fields in the world, rival — some say, maybe more than Saudi Arabia — it is because of your policy, sir, that have unleashed American energy that makes this country now energy independent.”

“And, in New Mexico, that translates into jobs. And, you know, sir, a majority of those jobs, Mr. President, are Hispanic workers. They may not have a college education or a degree, but you know what? They’re working in the oil field, making $100,000 a year for their families,” said Sanchez. “They’re able to buy homes, send their kids to school, buy a truck. That’s the American Dream.”

Sanchez stated in closing, “and so, I want to let you know, from the great state of New Mexico, the people, the Hispanics — the largest percentage of Hispanics of any state in the nation — we want to say thank you. And we hope that you continue with your second administration, sir, so that you continue to bring the American Dream to all Americans, especially Hispanics.”


Supporting Hispanic American Communities

President Trump’s leadership has created new jobs and investment that is pouring into nearly 9,000 newly designated Opportunity Zones which is home to more than 9 million Hispanic Americans.  Approximately 362,000 Hispanics achieved the dream of becoming homeowners in 2018 and this is the largest such gain since 2005. President Trump is expanding educational opportunities for Hispanic American families by providing school choice and expanding support for higher education.

Hispanic students currently account for almost one-third of all students in public charter schools and 11% in private schools. Hispanics make up over 100,000 students in one of Florida’s private school scholarship programs. That number amounts to almost 40% of the student population who are Hispanic. President Trump signed legislation that provides one billion dollars to Minority Serving Institutions, including HSIs. Through President Trump’s programs such as these, the Hispanic community is seeing the American dream as a reality through home ownership which is providing them stability for their families and a strong education for a brighter future.

The impact of these policies is evident as explained by Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez, the first female Hispanic Lieutenant Governor in the history of the State of Florida.

“All of the things that you have stood for and championed — faith, freedom, future — those are things that are critically important to Florida, the economy,” said Lieutenant Governor Núñez, who attended the signing and the roundtable discussion prior to the event. “We don’t need to reiterate all the numbers and — lowest unemployment, homeownership on the rise — and nothing reverberates the American Dream louder than owning your own home.”

Lieutenant Governor Núñez continued, “and choice and education — as a mother, my youngest attends True North Classical Academy, an excellent charter school in Miami. I can tell you that those policies make a difference.”

The legislation that has been signed by the President provides $1 billion to Minority Serving Institutions including HSIs. This Executive Order along with other policies which have been championed by President Trump and his Administration has continued to improve the quality of life of members of every community as in this case with the Hispanic community.

The Chinese borne COVID-19 has certainly been a catalyst into causing a rift in the remarkable forward progress of President Trump’s vision for America which has brought prosperity back to a country with a dying economy that was once on life-support and seemed hopeless. Rioters and violent mobs, egged on by weak Democrat leadership who have allowed them to overtake their cities and states have increased the downfall of an economy that the Democrats and their liberal media lackeys have also stymied the growth that was apparently being jumpstarted once the COVID-19 lockdowns have ended. It is obvious, that the actions of the President, in the face of all the adversity and chaos created by Democrat leadership, is steering the country back into economic prosperity, and as is the case with this Executive Order, the Hispanic population is a beneficiary of the President’s actions.

“I will stand arm-in-arm with the Hispanic community to ensure that every child in America can grow up in safety, security, dignity, and in peace,” said President Trump. “We believe that the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are all shared, and they have to be shared in a big, beautiful heritage of all Americans.  Whether you are a first-generation American or a fifth-generation American, this is your home.  American history is your history.  It’s about you.  It’s about your family.  It’s about our country.  And the American Dream belongs equally to you.”

“Americans of all walks of life are united by the same noble ideas and the same fundamental designs for good schools, strong families, safe communities, and abundant opportunity.  And I will not rest until we have delivered this future for every community — not only the Hispanic community, which is doing so well, but every community in our land,” said President Trump. “Together, we will write the next great chapter of the American adventure, and we will defend the greatness of America for your children, for your children’s children, and for generations to come.”






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